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HELLENIC CENTRAL SECURITIES DEPOSITORY SA supported by ATHENS EXCHANGE SA for the security of data which upload on the website, with the following ways:
1. Website is certified by ATHENS EXCHANGE SA based on the international certification standards of AICPA / CICA WebTrust Program for Certification Authorities. This certification proves that you have visited the correct website and allows you to safely register your personal data.
2. Your personal data is automatically encrypted to ensure your protection, so that can only be read by HELLENIC CENTRAL SECURITIES DEPOSITORY SA.
3. ATHENS EXCHANGE SA has installed a "Public Key Infrastructure" (PKI) system in order to operate as a Certification Authority-(CA) under the P.D.150/2001.
4. ATHENS EXCHANGE SA is registered in the Registers kept by EETT pursuant to Regulation EETT 248/71/2002, as "Electronic Signature Certification Service Provider Issuing Recognized Certificates" (based on Article 10, paragraph 3) and as "Electronic Signature Certification Services Provider" (based on Article 10, paragraph 2).

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